Via Africa Praia do Bilene Accommodation
Via África, Praia do Bilene, Moçambique
Bilene Beach Accommodation

Bilene Beach Accommodation

Bilene Beach is Maputo's favourite getaway, and often the first beach destination for Johannesburg travellers. Via Africa is only 500m from Bilene's white sandy beach and importantly in the centre of town. Few hotels in Bilene offer the first-class services and rooms that we offer and at competitive rates that make us the smart economical option

Self-Catering Accommodation - Bilene

With the wide range of fishing and seafood available in Bilene it is advantageous to have self-catering accommodation. Not only are you able to prepare your own meals at Via Africa, we also have an ice machine which is priceless especially during the hot summer beach months. You will be enjoying ice cold drinks whilst most others in Bilene will not find ice anywhere

Bilene Beach Information

Via Africa has been part of Bilene Beach, or Praia do Bilene, for years and can provide you with any tourist information you could possible require. In colonial times Bilene was known as São Martinho - we don't date quite back that far but we are still at the hear of this famous beach destination. Any questions? Don't hesitate in contacting us for free Bilene Beach information